Client Project Acceptance Agreement

This digital document establishes formal acceptance of all the deliverables for the (Project Name) project. The (Project Name) project has met all the acceptance criteria as defined in all agreed project documents (requirements document, project scope statement and/or project contract agreement) and as to agreed by you, the client representative. The acceptance of this document verifies that all deliverables have been met and you, the client, now verify completion. Additionally, a project evaluation has been performed by Angstrom Graphics and determined that all deliverables meet the quality and functional requirements defined within this project.

The Project Manager is authorized to continue with the formal close out of this project. The closeout process will include a post-project review, any agreed document or resource files handed over, release of the Project Team, close out of all procurements and archive all relevant project files and documentation.

We greatly appreciate this opportunity to serve you and look forward to continuing this partnership and working toward helping you achieve your business goals.